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Men's Watches

We are men’s watches manufacturer,and we are from China. Has a strong passion for a beautiful and fashionable lifestyle. We like to express this in our product designs and in our communications with clients, by adding some goods to the contemporary pieces, we design in-house and throughout the watches production industry.
Like you, we value the finer things in life. We are never afraid of difficulties, we dream big, and we live with passion. For 14 years, we have been working in the field of custom watches.We help many customers to establish their brand and positioning, enhance their brand image and help customers build the brand’s impression in the customer’s mind together, and by doing so, we continue to improve design, quality and overall production control, They have become our core customer base.

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Classic Men's Watches Manufacturer

Our factory is located in South China, which is connected to the Hong Kong international trade hub with convenient transportation. Our watches made in China are not only cost-effective; our factories meet strict quality standards and workers are educated, certified and managed by Western and Asian watch-making experts.
As an important player in the watch industry, we have an assembly plant with several standard production lines. We have established proven expertise in the production of various watches such as automatic, mechanical, quartz, sports, fashion, stainless steel, ceramics, jewellery, and more.

Innovative in-house men's watches design

Unique men's watches design service

Once you consider custom designing your watches, our designer team will assist you with the designs throughout the process. Each member has a long and rich experience in watches design and can come up with ideas covering all styles of designs. In the period, we can provide trending samples or drawings from which you can get inspiration to create your designs. Our designer team will then take the lead and accompany you through all steps.

Fast men's watches prototyping

From drawing sketches to production, we have assembled a team of professional watches experts who are fully committed to customer satisfaction. We specialize in creativity and production innovation, using CNC prototyping machines as well as stereolithography equipment if required. This will allow our production development team to batch create watches components (mainly cases and straps) before using any type of tool. By leveraging this expertise, our designer team has the potential to correct any detail at low cost and produce a 2D prototype within hours.

Men's watches brand build

We provide watches branding services for companies start custom watches brands. With over 14 years of experience in the watches industry, we will accompany you through all the steps of creating a watch brand. Our consulting team designs production strategies for clients who wishing to create a new custom men’s watches brand. We provide a complete service from watches drawings to watches prototypes, perfectly suited to watch brand creation.

Manufacturing men's watches through smart production

We are a watch manufacturer with more than 14 years of watch production experience.
An experienced in-house design and R&D team enables us to quickly meet demanding requirements and create entire programs and collections from scratch with strict quality standards.
Our watch manufacturing also provides the following services:
– ITS, TUV, BV strict testing standards to meet the market from materials to human safety guarantee
– 2D and 3D design team, allowing rapid prototyping services
– A complete production follow-up feedback process allows you to have a professional team to feedback every time node from design to order to production and shipment
– Provide a variety of transportation service options to cooperate with your goods to reach you safely and quickly

Our core competitive in manufacturing watches include the following types of products:

Case: alloy, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, etc.
Movement: analogues of all types, from quartz to automatic, Japanese and Swiss. We also develop solutions for the connected watch industry.

Quality-focused men's watch manufacturing

The quality of our products and services is our top priority
As an independent watch manufacturer, we carry out rigorous inspections at all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the integrity of all materials used and the end product of consistently high quality and optimum functionality.

Before any watch is shipped from our factory, one of our engineers checks it for accuracy, reliability and water resistance according to our strict guidelines. A computer-controlled air pressure device is used to check water resistance. This process detects any leaks and determines the watch’s water resistance rating.

Total quality management for men's watches

We implement a total quality management approach – all members of the organization are involved in strategies to improve products, services and organizational processes. The efforts of everyone in an organization can lead to success through customer satisfaction.

Total quality management consists of three paradigms:

Total: Involves the entire organization
Quality: at all levels and in all processes
Management: at all steps such as planning, organizing, controlling, leading, supplying…
Total Quality Management typically begins with a randomly selected sampling of products to ensure completeness. The samples are then further tested against the issues of greatest concern to end users.

During this process, the causes of any failures are isolated and auxiliary measures are devised to correct them. In fact, it is common to redesign parts after implementing Total Quality Management, resulting in a better end product for the user and lower manufacturing costs.

Different men's watches types

So you know what’s going on inside. But appearance is equally important, and different occasions require different types of men’s watches. These are the five you should consider.

Classic men's watches

This men’s Classic Men’s watch is designed to work in business,and unsurprisingly, for the business men. However, most of them opt for a business watch thanks to its solid construction, refined dials and hands, and clean colors: all these features make for a watch.

Casual men's watches

As casual timepieces, think Roman numerals, simple faces and a lack of decoration. The ideal casual men’s watch is usually attached to a leather strap and is ultra-thin so it can go unnoticed under the wearer’s cuff until he needs it. Also, since casual men’s watches don’t implement any specific function that shows the time, they are also the most surprising men’s timepieces.

Sports men's watches

Motorsport and men’s watches have a very close relationship. Like flying and diving, the charisma of a stuntman translates well into his purpose-built watches.

Sports men’s watches are supposed to have a chronograph function – a stopwatch function – and some watches, like the Omega Speedmaster, also have a function on the bezel, a device that measures speed. It’s a working relationship that’s still working off track, too.

Minimalist men's watches

Minimalist watches,reduced watch for less appearance. That’s fine if you’re looking for a lower cost-per-wear , but it’s also in line with a trend of minimalism that looks to save on design. What’s more, some of the more modern bespoke brands are more affordable in their brand positioning. This is always perfect.

Why size matters for men's watches

Just as there is no typical wrist size for men’s watches , there is no typical watch size. While some men’s timepieces are so large that they can be seen from space, most have a case between 34-44mm in case. If you’re a guy with thinner wrists, a 34-40mm case works best, while men with thicker wrists should opt for a model up to 46mm.

The thickness of the case also affects the appearance of the watch. A 10mm thick watch is better under the cuff than a 15mm thick watch.

General Guidelines for Men’s Watch Fit
When it comes to how the watch is to be worn, the distance from lug to lug gives how the watch will look on the wearer’s wrist

Bracelet or strap suitable for men's watches

Another aspect of proper wearing that may be overlooked is how tight the bracelet is. This might not sound like a big deal, but there can be consequences if the watch doesn’t “just fit” on the wrist. A watch bracelet that’s too loose means the watch doesn’t sit fully on the wrist and is more vulnerable to bumps and everything around it.

Especially with larger/heavier watches, sustained sliding up and down for too long can start to hurt. Besides being uncomfortable, a strap or bracelet that is too tight can put unnecessary pressure on the spring bar (the part that connects the bracelet/strap to the lugs).

The thickness of the case also affects the appearance of the watch. A 10mm thick watch is better under the cuff than a 15mm thick watch.

General Guidelines for Men’s Watch Fit
When it comes to how the watch is to be worn, the distance from lug to lug gives how the watch will look on the wearer’s wrist

Backcase shape for men's watches

The average wrist size is 7.25 inches, but there is definitely a big variation from 6.25 to 7.75 inches. Some people have narrow and flat wrists, while others have wide and rounded wrists. A watch with a particularly flat caseback of men’s watches may not fit a curved wrist as comfortably as a flatter wrist, so some watches have the caseback and lugs curved down to more comfortably reflect the curvature of the wrist.

Men's watches strap

What kinds the men’s watches to the wrist is very important to the character of the men’s watch. Metal men’s bracelets look great on more masculine, while men’s leather is the choice for traditional, sophisticated watches.
Which men’s Strap will you choose?
Customized your arm with our men’s watches straps. Our precision-stitched leather men’s watch straps and refined mesh watch straps come in a range of gorgeous shades that perfectly complement men’s watch. Made to be playful, Men’s watch straps can be easily changed so you can always put a fresh spin on your favourite style. Perfect for updating your look with a pop of colour or some metallic shine.

How to change men's watches strap

Our easy click-on, click-off system makes changing men’s watches strap as simple as possible. Just check which kind of men’s watch you have to determine the size of the watch strap you need:
choose any 18mm men’s watch leather strap
choose any 18mm men’s watch mesh strap
choose any 18mm men’s watch metallic strap
choose any 16mm men’s watch leather strap
choose any 16mm men’s watch mesh strap
choose any 16mm men’s watch metallic strap
choose any 14mm men’s watch leather strap
choose any 14mm men’s watch mesh strap
choose any 14mm men’s watch metallic strap
choose any 12mm men’s watch leather strap
choose any 12mm men’s watch mesh strap
choose any 12mm men’s watch metallic strap

Accuracy isn't everything for men's watches

Nothing beats a quartz watch for accurate timekeeping, but a good automatic watch should only lose or gain around 30 seconds in a week.

When custom a men’s watch, the most important thing to be known:

How the watch works of men's watches

Movement of men's watches

So, what makes them work? It all depends on a very important called “Motion”.

The mechanism of movement inside a watch: a complex, revered “engine” that keeps the watch going. To complicate matters, there are different kinds of actions.

The first is quartz.
Highly precise and mass-produced, these movements are regulated by a single piece of quartz and powered by batteries. When they were first introduced in the 70s, they caused a lot of trouble, as many brands were able to mass-produce watches that were accurate and more affordable for watches, which led the old guards to seriously think about how they were going to challenge the “quartz crisis.” They are no longer on more respected manufacturers, but are largely regarded as technically inferior to hand-made movements elsewhere.

On the other hand, there is mechanical movement. Some were manually winding, but most are now “self-winding”: watches designed to harness kinetic energy. So every time you move your wrist, the movement maintains momentum.

It is said that the feel of the automatic machine is also better than that of the quartz movement. there is a “sweep” and constant vibration as the watch continues to power itself; quartz watches are more in line with traditional wall clocks, with only one tick per second. It feels more like handicraft.

The different of Japan Movement and Swiss Movement for men's watches :

Obviously, Japanese movements are made in Japan, while Swiss movements are made in Switzerland.

Aside from the obvious differences, their differences are difficult to explain. There are cheap Japanese movements, as well as cheap Swiss ones.
Our custom watches use more Japanese movements, because of the lean workmanship and affordable price, and at the same time, the accuracy is well guaranteed.
We also use Swiss movements to design some high-end custom watches,specially for men’s watches, because the price is relatively much higher, so we will provide some different options to custom designed customers for consideration.

Our custom men's watch services include

Through more than 14 years of experience, we have acquired proprietary watch design principles that apply to each project. From case to dial texture. In other words, as a leading watch design company, our goal is to help you achieve the perfect custom watch design. Our professional watchmakers ensure that all of our watch designs include the following:
custom brand

Especially if you are starting your own watch company or brand from scratch, you should work with a Chinese watch manufacturer who specializes in tradition, design, craftsmanship and brand management. These attributes can only be achieved by watch experts with years of business experience and knowledge.

Professional experience and dedicated service for men's watches

A watch designed with heart is beautifully balanced; it expresses quality and emotion through materials, colors, shapes and overall construction. Bespoke dials, cases and all other components must be of the highest quality at a given price. It also has to be comfortable and reliable to last a long time. From design to production and assembly, China Custom Men’s Watches can help.

Rationality of design

Functionality also means simplicity of operation. The watch should be comfortable, but also a joy to maneuver. All watch interactions and functions must be visually obvious for optimal enjoyment. From the lugs to the buttons, these have to be in the right place, but also attractive.

Safe material of men's watches

We take care to ensure that all the senses are fully stimulated, from the design to the selection of materials to the time it reaches your end consumer. Again, we stand behind the best watches we sell. We help our clients manufacture and design their own watches which can later become their own watch brand/company.

Technical watch drawings of men's watches

Technical drawings are essential to accurately capture all the geometric features of a watch product or component. Whether you are creating one-off prototypes or mass production, technical drawings are required. Our in-house team of experienced watch engineers will assist you throughout the design of your watch.

2D or 3D watch rendering of men's watches

Using photorealistic 3D rendering and detailed 2D presentations, you can make detailed changes without starting from scratch. Rendering saves time and money during the design process. 3D renderings make the design process easier and faster, and 2D drawings better show details and material choices.

Build Your Own Watch

You can test your idea and try some of your designs on a short run of watches. Design a watch in few hours and see drawing with details. As a leader in watch manufacturing, including classic men’s watches, Casual Men’s Watches and Sport Men’s Watches ,our team will turn your idea into your own brand dream.

How to make and deliver men's watches for a new custom watch brand of men's watches

Once the customer has evaluated the prototype drawings and is satisfied with the designs, manufacturing can begin and follow the whole order until deliver the final product to the customer. After confirming the quantity, we will start the manufacturing process.

When your designs and build your watches with us, you don’t have to worry. We are responsible for the entire design and manufacture of watches, as well as after-sales service.

Our decades of experience in the watch industry ensure your customers receive quality products. Our connections across the supply chain allow us to provide your brand with a smooth end-to-end watch production service.

Meet the future of watchmaking with us

We are a watchmaking company founded more than 14 years ago. To help our clients achieve their goals, for long-term investment and innovation strategies, we use the latest technologies and offer the best quality standards. Since our inception, we have been a regular exhibitor at the world’s most important watch events, such as the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair.

Men's Watches manufacturing using smart production

To better serve our customers, our entire production management approach ensures that work-flowing time in production is reduced and enables us to deliver products to our customers very quickly. We believe that the just-in-time approach is the future of the watch industry and will revolutionize it as it did for the fashion industry, contributing to the world’s most successful fashion brands like Zara, H&M and Uniqlo. To drive this innovative system, we always find the best way that allows our customers to manage their supply chain in the most efficient way and keep less than a month’s worth of finished goods as inventory .

How to start a watch brand for men's watches

Starting your own watch brand is all about successfully blending form and function to create pieces that consumers love. If you are Working with a skilled and experienced watches manufacturer ensures you get a quality, quality watches that your customers will keep coming back.

We offer private label watches services in a variety of styles, colors, materials and designs. We work with owners to create men’s timepieces for upcoming and established watches brands.

If you’re thinking about starting a business but aren’t sure how to create a watches brand, here’s what you need to know.
Defining the look of a watch brand is important
Before we dive into the specifics of actually designing a watch for a brand, the first step is to spend some time defining the look and feel of your brand.

When considering how to create a watch brand, you first need to consider as belows:

What price point do they want?
Who is my target audience?
What materials and looks do they like?
How much investment is required?
How will brands sell their products (i.e. e-commerce, retails, wholesale, etc.)?

Once you have a general idea of the styles of customize watches you’re looking for, you can do some market research to see if your idea match with your market. Even doing a little research can help you figure out how to best create a watch brand that meets your potential customers’ expectations.