We are Ctime

We are Ctime

Our Story

Since 2009

We are Ctime (Xiamen)Technology Co. Ltd, a watch manufacturing company in China that has set its goal to produce watches that makes our customers’ needs satisfying and fulfilled in their day-to-day life. Our most popular products are analog wrist watches made mainly with alloy and stainless steel material that attracts customers globally.

Since 2009, Ctime has been manufacturing high-quality watches that attracted many traders and leading brands to form partnerships with us, such as Police, Invicta, Quantum, and many more. We enhance our production capability by using four production lines approved in BSCII, SEDEX, and SMETA, while all of our products comply with CE, RoHS, Lead, and Nickel standards. Throughout these years, Ctime has  maintained its core values and competitiveness in the market as part of its goals.

Core Value

The Excellence

We are a manufacturer that takes pride in having an excellent support team and the latest high-tech machinery to ensure the highest quality watches are manufactured and supplied worldwide while ensuring the flawless quality of each product.

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Mission Within

The Production

We handle the entire manufacturing process of our high-quality products while using the best human and technology resources at our disposal to ensure the perfect end-product with each watch we manufacture. Our design team takes great pride in the collection of uniquely and creatively designed wristwatches that attract customers worldwide.

“We are focused on delivering Quality along with Elegance by each Watch we manufacture with the best of materials and skills.”
100% Satisfaction From

The Clients

The professional business service we provide is renowned as one of the best and most supportive business services globally, which many of our clients have kept their trust on. Our business process includes the professional-client support service that ensures clients meet their requirements throughout our collection of products. All customers’ needs and requirements are fulfilled through the production and manufactured into high-quality products which we deliver to the world. We can claim proudly that Ctime has gained 100% satisfaction from our clients.