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Your watch case could be personalized

The case shape of classic watches, sporty watches, causal watches in both men and women wrist watch. The case size is from mini size like 26mm, 32mm, 36mm, 38mm for lady timepiece; to larger gentle case, 40mm, 42mm, 46mm, 48mm etc. There are varied colors availble, like rosegold PVD, silver PVD, gold PVD, black PVD, gun PVD and more options. With finishing like matte, polishing, brushed etc.

Finding the Best Custom Watch Supplier

We are the top custom watches supplier. No matter whether you are a watch wholesaler, watch buyer or you are a founde with a startup to build your own micro wristwatch brands, or you are the owner of famous timepiece brands. All you need is to find an excellent OEM/OEM watch manufacturer like CTIME. We are a direct watch factory in China for 14 years with a professional watches manufacturer and experience in the watch industry. We are confident to support you to create your own watch brand, and develop your watch business.
Our company Ctime is devoting offering all different kinds of wrist watches worldwide. We could customize fine watches upon your request. At CTIME it is a source of pride that the company is small but offers such exclusivity, yet experienced and knowledgeable enough to offer a wide array of options to the discerning watch buyer.

We specialize in Manufacturing various types of custom watches

It includes custom quartz watches, OEM Classic Watches, personalized Women’s Watches, custom Men’s Watches, Couple Watches, custom Bracelet Watches, custom bracelet watches for women, customized Leather watches, OEM Metal Watches, unisex watches, mini watches, etc. We have more than 4,000 SKUs for you to choose from. And with the design team updating new wristwatches designs weekly. That would be a wide range of watch designs to support OEM watches for your private watch brand. We are full of all kinds of series, such as sports watches style, classic gent’s Watches &Ladies Watches style, fashion watches& casual watches model and business watches style, etc. You could select from our existing watches models or make the changes based on the current models, or send us your branding watches designs. We could personalize watches exactly the same for your own brand watches. With good quality and high performance, every one of you can choose the suitable watches from us to release new watch collections for your own watch brand.

As a watchmaker, we share with you the suitable materials for your watch brand and update the trendy OEM watches designs that famous watches brands used. Then your own watch brand could catch up with the watch fashions and become more and more popular. As we know design and the new model are the key points to any wristwatches brand. The watch OEM/ODM orders are warmly welcomed and we have a group with experienced watches designs and development teams to ensure that all the CTIME watches meet different market demands. We could independently complete from sample design, assemble, quality control, waterproof test, package, and shipment. Besides, in order to support micro watches brands startups, we accept small quantity orders, with 100pcs MOQ to save your purchase cost and reduce the burden of cash flow. In addition, to help some customers to create private label watches, and to support micro watch brands run faster in the watch market.

We highly welcome the world watches wholesalers, watch brands owners, and watch brand creators cooperate with us. On this page, let us take a look at the entire process of “how to manufacture my own watches” : From the watches designs, watches materials selection, whole watches production process and time, watch brands logo print, and packing options related to custom watches services.

OEM service we offer for the customized timepieces
The details of customized watches as belows:

Custom watches case.

As a OEM watch supplier, we would share with you the watch case is the main part for one wristwatch.

Watches case shapes could be personalized upon your request.

There are shapes like round watches, Rolex watch styles, square watches, oval watches, unique shaped watches, Hublot watches models,
Richard Mille watch case etc. Different watch case expresses the varied taste inculding classic watches, sporty watches, causal
watches, fashion watches, business watches, mini watches, luxe watches, minimalistic watches in both gent watches and lady

Custom watches case size.

There are The watch case size is from mini watch size like 26mm, 32mm, 36mm, 38mm for lady timepiece; to larger gentle case, 40mm, 42mm, 46mm, 48mm etc. Or unisex watch with around 38mm, 40mm and couple watches.

Custom watches case colors.

The varied watch case colors are available for your selection. Namely rosegold PVD, silver PVD, gold PVD, black PVD, gun PVD, two-tones PVD and more options. The case colors will be as PVD plating, it can be last 2 years at least.

Custom watches finishing.

As Ctime watch manufactuer, we are experienced and professional in watch with a fine finishing like matte, polishing, brushed etc.

Custom watches Dial.

The watch dial is just like a face, you see the watch dial at the first sight to tell the different watches.

Custom watches dial pattern.

There are Daniel Willington minimalistic dials, floral watch pattern, sunray watch face, glossy watch dials, Swarovski diamond watch face, Roman numbers index on the dial etc. Besides, sending us your watch design to our team is accpectable, we make watch drawing for your confirmation.

Custom watches dial colors.

The diversified dial colors could be personalized, with different color printings, white watch dial, black watch dial, pink dial and more. The watch dial colors could be same with watch case color or make a color constration.

Custom watches logo on the dial.

You could create your own watch microbrand by putting customized logo or existing watch brands on the dial. The watch logo could be printed, laser or engraved.

Choose watches movement.

The watch movement is just like the heart for a man. It controls the watches to work timely and perfectly.
The watch movment could be selected and imported from Japan, namely Seiko movement, Miyota movement etc. You could custom your watches with different looks with two hands watches, three hands watches, watches with date function at 3 o’clock, functional watches with sub-dial, with small three eyes for a chronograph function timepieces both for men quartz watches and women quartz watches.

Custom your wristwatches a special watches crown.

The wristwatches crown is like the ears of a man. It is necessary and the highlight for each quartz watch.
There are different wristwatches crown shapes custom for your. There are regular round watches crown, pumpkin watches crown, screw watches crown etc. Even the watches logo could be laser, engraved on the watches pusher with your own watches brands.

Custom your watch straps with different styles.

Your watches strap is just like your clothing. You could change your watches bands as you like. There are watches bands with metal bracelet, Geniune leather strap, Leather Strap,Nylon-NATO band, mesh band, silicone watches strap, rubber watches bands etc.

Wristwatches Metal Bracelet.

There are many metal bracelets for your selection. Like alloy material band, 316L stainless steel surgical mesh band. Each band shows the different watch styles. There is a quick release for interchangable straps. Besides, the band width could be customzied depends on the male’s timepiece or female’s timepiece.

Quartz watch with Geniune leather strap.

The watch strap is made of Geniune leather. The strap colors and surface textures are personable. Like smooth brown, crocodile black, girly pink, fashion Tiffany Blue… The multiple straps with a quick release merchanism allow you to have more than one watch.

Quartz watch with Nylon NATO-BAND.

The nylon like Daniel Willington watch style are availble for you. Colors like navy green, black nylon, NATO bands or you could us the picture of color, we could customize same to match your watch collections. Crafted from high-quality nylon making for a durable & comfortable feel on the wrist. Length is 8.66 inches (fits 6’ to 8.5’ wrist depending on the timepiece).
Quartz watches with silicone watches straps& rubber watches bands
The silicone and rubber materials for our Ctime watches are with good quality standard. The colors and straps types are with muitiple selections.

Custom watches Buckle.

Custom your watches with personal buckle. There are watches with folding buckle, unfolding buckle, turtle buckle, jewelry watch buckle, safety watch buckle. The logo could be laser, engraved on buckle for building your own brand wristwatches. The watch buckle would be with a nice finishing as well, matte finishing, polished finishing or brushed finishing makes your quartz watch outstanding and unique.

Customize your watches Backcase.

The caseback of your watch is like the back of a man. It is on the back while is important to cover the whole watch.

Custom watch caseback content.

The content of backcase could be custom. The material of case back is made of stainless steel 316L, the material is for surgial function. So the caseback is strong enough for daily waterproof or water resistence 30metres. Ensure your timepiece is protected from splashes such as rain, but not be immersed in water, and not be used in swimming or sauna. The watch case back could be flat inserted or screwed as your customization.

Custom watch brand logo on the caseback.

Your watch logo could be laser or engraved on the center of the back case. So that your watches are personalized and recognizable.
In addition to those custom process, there are other information related to OEM watches for your reference.

Our R& D Department.

In order to improve our core competitiveness in the watch industry, and to bring better designs and higher quality watches to our customers, we have established a new R&D department.
What does an R&D department mean for a OEM watch manufacturer? It means professionalism, concentration, creativity, innovation, division of labor, and self-improvement. At the same time, it also means that we need to invest more time, energy, and capital to make it better development.

Our R&D department is mainly composed of a team of German brand designers and well-trained staff.
In terms of design, first, we will conduct market research. For different countries and regions, we will search and know the local GDP, consumption level, historical development, cultural background, religious beliefs, and fashion trends. Then based on this information, we can make a watch design that fits this market.
After knowing this information, our designers will have some ideas about the watch design. Before the ideas become real designs, the designer will communicate with the production department to ensure that the design drawings can be produced into real watches.

Custom watches in men’s and women’s styles.

As a professional watch supplier in China with more than 14 years of experience, we make the process easy to make your own watches in men’s and women’s styles.

Men’s watches manufacturer

Custom men’s watches online is workable. We are a men’s watches manufacturer to design and custom men’s watches with many different styles. Our watch design team will be supportive to offer all kinds of OEM watches in men’s watch styles.
It’s workable that you select our existing men’s watch designs to make your own watches. On the other hand, if you have your own men’s watch designs for your own watch brand, that would be great. We will put your own watch logo and watch name on the watch dial to custom watches for your private label watch brand.
The men’s watches includes OEM leather watches, custom metal watches, personalized classic watches, customized casual watches, and custom sports watches for your watch business.

Women’s watches supplier

We are a women’s watches supplier in China. With over 4000 different watch samples for selection, we offer huge watch styles to create your own watches. If the market segment of your own watch brand is for women, you got the right place here to custom your own watches in women’s styles.
We use Japan watch movements to custom women’s watches as water resistant watches. The waterproof is 3 ATM. There are many quartz watches on our website to make your own women’s watches. Our wholesale women’s watches includes many different watch styles. All of them are trendy in the watch market. And the quality will be equal the stylish when we custom women’s watches for your watch brands.
We have women’s metal watches, women’s leather watches, bracelet watches for women, OEM fashion watches, custom classic women’s watches, and custom women’s casual watches, etc.

Custom watches in different materials

As a custom watch manufacturer, we customize many kinds of watches. Each watch has lots of processes to produce and make sure its quality. And there are different materials to OEM watches for microbrand watches.

Leather watches manufacturer

We are a leather watches manufacturer. As we know, many watches are in leather straps. Make your watch brand popular and watch styles timeless with our leather watches. OEM leather watches upon to your ideas is workable and convenient. There are just 3 steps.
– Firstly, select and send us the watch models you preferred
– Secondly, send us your own logo to make your own watch
– Thirdly, let us know what kind of leather and texture you like to design your own watches
Then our design team will finish the designs of leather watches and send to you.

Metal watches supplier

We are a metal watches supplier and OEM metal watches for your watch brand. Normally, there are alloy, stainless steel, and titanium to make metal watches, for both watch straps and watch cases. When OEM metal watches, the material of straps and case are usually the same. If with the stainless steel mesh strap, the watch case can be alloy and with good plating.
The material and plating process of the OEM watches are important factors for the waterproof level of watches.
Generally speaking, we will customize stainless steel watches with PVD plating to make sure the watches are quality and waterproof. Also, if the watch material is alloy, we will use PVD plating as well to make the water resistance up to 30 meters.

Personalize watches styles for watch brands

In addition to material, OEM watches can also be classified by style. On our website, we have many kinds of OEM watches styles. Such as classic watches, casual watches, fashion watches, sports watches and so on. Both men’s and women’s watches are available to make your own brand watches.

Classic watches supplier

We are an OEM watch supplier to design and produce lots of watches styles for micro watch brands, and OEM classic watches range is one of the bestsellers. We custom classic watches in men’s and women’s styles. To make your own brand classic watches, we have done a lot of market research and referenced the styles of many popular watch brands. So we design classic watches that suitable for customers’ brands. Most watch brands tend to release classic watches styles as new watch category.
When we custom classic watches for private label watches brands, we will offer kinds of watch designs. Then customers could have a wide range for selection. For OEM men’s classic watches, we usually use bracelet watch bands, stainless steel mesh straps, and leather watch straps. And the color of watches dials are usually black, silver, green, and blue. And we OEM classic men’s watches cases in silver, black, gold, or rose gold.
If we customize classic timepieces for ladies, the shapes of watch cases are usually round and square. We will combine modern elements to OEM women’s classic watches to create your own brand watches.

Custom fashion watches

We are a fashion watches wholesale to help micro watch brands custom watches. Design your own watches online is available here. Our design team will be here for you anytime to design watches for your own watch brand. And we will custom fashion watches to create your own watches when we know all details from you. Select your preferred watch models and customize the watch case, watch dial, watch strap to produce your own watches.

Casual watches manufacturer

As a casual watches manufacturer in China, we custom watches in casual styles for private label watches brands. We use Japan movements in watches to personalize casual watches for your watch brand. If you have requirements, Swiss watch movements are workable to custom watches.

Sports watches wholesale

We are one of the watches manufacturers in China to custom sports watches. When you have plans to make your own watch business online or offline, and your watches are in sports styles, you need to find a sports watch wholesale to work with. We offer kinds of OEM sports watches styles for your private label watch brands. And, as the water resistant watches, there are strict quality controlling process when we custom sports watches.

When you are looking for a reliable OEM watch manufacturer in China to customize your own watch brand, you got the right place. We custom watches for over 14 years and support lots of micro watch brands and famous brands worldwide to make their own watches. With our rich experience and professional technology, we are confident to support you design your own watches and make watches for your own brand. Contact us to know more details and start the first step to custom watches for your private label watch brand.

Custom watches online at! Design and make your own watches, customize watches for your own brand, produced by us and delivered to you. Online OEM Watches here and now.

Custom Watches

Watches can be designed by yourself our our own design team, then our skilled staff crafts watch designs into reality.
Congratulations! You are going to become a watch designer. Select your favorite iconic watch models as the first step. And then turn it into a one-of-a-kind wristwatch that reflects your special taste. Get ready to select your watch case, watch dial, second hand, and strap. Time is running out, let’s get started!

Customize Watches for Your Colorful Life

Ctime watch manufacturer’s goal is to produce unique and high-quality custom watches for watch brands and watch companies. Creativity and personality expression are two things we value most. A custom watch is a way for you to put a personal touch on what you wear every day. When creating personalized watches, you can create something that expresses your style, personality, character, and uniqueness. The process of making a watch with your own logo is simple. First, choose your preferred watch model. It can be in classic watch style, fashion watch style, or streetwear watch style. We have custom watches for men and women. Second, combine the perfect colors and materials to design your own watches. Finally, choose the engraving on the case back — you can put your own logo, your own brand’s name, or some description of watches in there and you can see them anytime. So it is! Once that’s done, we start producing and assembling your OEM watches and have them delivered to your door.
In the watch market, custom watches are great gifts. For men, a personalized watch is a thoughtful birthday, anniversary, or wedding gift. If you want to surprise her, get her a customized watch! To design a personalized watch for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and holidays. These are all good times to create something that will make her happy. It’s nice to customize a watch for yourself. Do not think too much. Get in here and create your custom wristwatches today.

Bespoke Watches

Today, only a select group of watchmakers can produce a one-of-a-kind watch on request. Ctime, as a watch manufacturer, it’s a source of pride that our company is small enough to offer this one-of-a-kind, yet experienced and knowledgeable enough to offer a wide selection of OEM watches to micro watch brands and customers.
Custom watches can range from simple to extraordinary. Like our subdial watch collection, there are several watch designs can be customized. For a watch brand or watch company, which would like to make unique watch designs for their own brand can select one of the subdial watches as new watch collection. Affordable price but high quality. There are limited edition watches with stylish designs for all private label watch brands.
Whether you’re from one of Ctime’s existing exclusive watch lines or decide to explore your selections for custom handcrafted watches, the Ctime team is at your disposal to help you acquire and create the wristwatches of your dreams.

Design and OEM

Ctime Watch Co., Ltd. is a professional watch manufacturer with more than 14 years of OEM and ODM experience in the watchmaking industry. All our products have passed CE and ROHS and meet international standards. We can guarantee that every customized watch is perfect before delivery. Thanks to the high Swiss quality requirements, unique watch designs, and outstanding service, 95% of our customers become our regular customers. If you can’t find a satisfactory design here, we can customize watches for you. Of course, we will check and confirm the artwork with you before production to make sure every detail is perfect as required. Welcome to contact us and inquire! We look forward to working with you to create a brighter future!

Swiss High Quality

An exclusive certificate to customize your watch. Most of our products are approved by international safety agencies. Our certified products have successfully passed: CE Europe, RoHS, ISO9001:2008, design patent certificate and utility model patent. And we are working with and developing great relationship with Express delivery companies like DHL.

Customize Watches and Boxes

We can customize your own logo on the watch dial, backcase, watch strap, buckle or anywhere else if requested. Your own designs are also welcome and workable, we can make samples or design samples or mass production according to the samples you provide. Get in touch with us to see how we can help with your next watch project!

If you need, we also provide boxes for your selection to match your own brand watches. Boxes can be customized like watches.

Watchmaking Expert

For 14 years, we have been passionately producing high-quality watches in the core cities of China’s watch industry. Our custom watch models are all designed, produced and assembled here at the production lines of our manufacturer.

At Ctime Watch Manufacturer, we believe that every element and factor of the watch design process has infinite power. We pay attention to those imperfections and make sure there are no defects in the completed watches or the watch packaging. The quality control of our OEM watches is second to none.

Our success starts with delivering on time and custom watches on budget. We don’t “sugar-coat” delivery issues or production issues. You will know when we start designing and producing your watch and how much will the watch costs.

Attention to Details

Ctime Watch Manufacturer is a high-end watch manufacturer well versed in the art of watchmaking. Our watches are curated by top watch designers to ensure its uniqueness and only the highest quality output. Our goal is to be the best custom watchmaker in China. We are a reliable watch supplier who knows how to achieve your end goals with affordable price. For more quality control, we have staff to check the watch quality every process.