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In these troubling times, many look for new ways to earn money. Because they want to be stable money-wise with the money they earn. And that helps them to lead a better life than before and enjoy it much better. So, one of the ways you can achieve this is by starting your own business. It can be risky at first, but along the way, if you layout the right foundation, you can be successful in a short time. Therefore what type of business or item should you invest in? Well, with the help of this article, you can find out the answer. Because in here, you will find out why you should invest in a watch business and why you should resell ODM watches. So let us start by finding out why you should invest in the watch business.

Why you should start a watch business

how to start a watch business

Watches are a timeless accessory we use to watch time in our daily lives. But recently, with the invention of mobile phones, it has become a thing in the past. Because you can use them to see time and manage your daily schedule easily. Due to this fact, most of us wear watches now as a fashion accessory to boost our appearance and daily outfits. And it is always refreshing to rock a new watch with a good outfit when you are going outside. Therefore many buy watches today as a fashion accessory, and their popularity never seems to go down. So starting a watch business in your local markets is never a bad idea. But it will be really harder for you if you are going to make watches from scratch. And that is why you will find the best solution to this in ODM watches.

Because it is a very expensive process, many avoid making their own watches. So your best option is to resell already made quality watches. And here is where the ODM watches come in handy when you start a new watch business. But some of you might not know about what they are? Therefore let us find out about them in detail before finding out how they help.

What are ODM watches?

ODM watch
CT2965-1 Watch from Ctimewatch collection

Original design manufacturing or ODM in short is the process of making products with designs chosen by the clients. In this process, the supplier will make the watch according to the designs and colors of the client’s choosing. So ODM watches also fit these criteria and gives you the ability to make your own watch specific to your business through a watchmaker. But it won’t allow you to change any parts of the premade watch that comes with your designs. Because you are only allowed to change the design of the watch, not the parts or equipment inside and outside of the watch. So you can buy these watches to build your own brand at your local markets when you start a new watch business.

And if you want to build watches from scratch with a watchmaker, you should go for OEM watches. Because original equipment manufacturing or OEM allows you to design a watch from scratch with every part that it comes with. But if you are starting anew and just entering the markets, it is much better to go with ODM watches. And later, you sell a combination of both when you are successful in the future. So now, let us find out the benefits you have in reselling ODM watches to your local markets.

Why you should buy ODM watches for your business?

ODM watches
CT29461-1 Watch from Ctimewatch collection

There are many benefits to reselling ODM watches within your business. But here you can find the main ones that will convince you why you should buy them as the main products to start your business,

  • Customisability

It is the core benefit you receive from buying ODM watches for your benefit. Because you customize the design of the watch to your liking and brand it as your own. While giving you the ability to make products that are specific to you from the beginning. And when you forward with your business, you will be able to build a great brand with these products.

  • Lower prices

ODM watches have lower prices compare to watches that you have to make from scratch. Because they are already made and is waiting for you to apply your designs. Due to this fact, when you are buying them in bulk, you can see lower prices for them in the market. Therefore when you are reselling these watches with your designs on them, you can expect some good return on investment.

  • Lower MOQ

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is lower for ODM watches in the market. Because many buy these watches in bulk with different designs. Therefore they always try to minimize the order to the specific design to make them more marketable altogether. Due to this fact, it is the perfect option for business owners who are new or looking to start. Because they can buy smaller quantities at lower prices with their first investments.

  • Quick delivery

You can receive your order much faster than the others. Because you are buying premade watches that only need your designs. So you can get it delivered to you very quickly rather than waiting until the supplier builds them from scratch. Therefore you can easily fill your stocks with them when you are out of watches to sell.

  • Create your own brand

The other core benefit of buying ODM watches is the ability to build a unique brand. You can easily put your brand name on these watches to make them yours. So when you are starting a new business, you are able to showcase your brand of watches from the first go. And you will be able to capture a wider market through your own brand.

Now that we know why you should buy ODM watches to start a watch business. Let’s find out how to search for the right manufacturer to supply high-quality watches for your business.

Who should you buy from?

When you are buying any type of product, you should always check out their maker. Because you can find out a lot by finding their information. And as a buyer, you should always find industry leaders to buy your watches. Therefore search for suppliers with a good following and popularity because they will always provide you with the highest quality products. Since they won’t provide you with an unsatisfactory product, that will ruin their brand. And you will be able to put more trust in them to put more effort in delivery wise. Because they have vast experience in handling a lot of requests from customers. While also, you should research and ask the opinions of experienced businessmen in your local market before you chose a manufacturer. By doing so, you will have a better understanding when deciding on your ODM watch manufacturer.

But this decision will be further easy for you. Because next, you will find out one of the best in the industry for you to buy ODM watches for your business.

Ctimewatch – Buy perfect ODM watches for your new business with us!


Ctimewatch is one of the leading watch manufacturers in China. And we offer both OEM and ODM watches for our customers. Over the years, many have trusted our products and services to fulfil their business needs. Because we have been able to continuously provide a high-quality product for them to be successful in their business, And that is why we guarantee you will be successful with our ODM watches as well when you are starting one. Down the road, when you decide to branch out and to sell OEM watches, we will help you then too. Therefore contact us today and get all the information you need regarding our ODM watches. So you can buy them at wholesale value to resell at your local markets to gain the most profits you can.

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