How to Open the Caseback of Watch

Caseback of watch may need to be opened for many reasons like you need to repair or change some parts of the watch. So how to open it? For example, you need to replace the watch battery or replace the watch gasket, remove dust from the inside of the watch, or replace the watch’s movement. These all need to open the caseback of the watch to complete. We can use various mechanical ways to open many types of watch casebacks. And sometimes it is easy. It takes very little effort and a tool – a special watch case back corkscrew, sometimes it’s safer to have it done by a trained or experienced watch repairer. As a professional watch supplier, we are here to have some ideas before opening the casebacks of watches.

Before you open any watch, ask yourself: is this watch expensive? Can I turn it on safely? If the answer is yes, be very careful when trying to open the back case. But even cheap watches are sometimes difficult to open and may cause damage. When you try to open the watch back case, be sure to first check that the clasp of the watch is not blocking your way: some watches with metal straps are difficult to work on the back because they enclose the watch back and do not give you hands leave too much workspace. So when necessary, you need to remove the watch strap first.

3 common watch casebacks

There are notches around the caseback. Usually 50 meters waterproof or higher waterproof level will use such a caseback. We screw in the casebacks, so need to find the right tool and turn it out again.

The second type of watch caseback is the pressure type. The surface of this back case is flat, with a small notch on one side. And we can use a tool to place on this notch to open it.

When you’re going to put this type of caseback on, sometimes, there’s no way to do it by hand, and you’ll have to use a watch case press to close it.

Watch caseback with 4 screws. Punch holes in the caseback and lock the screws. Watches like this can be made from any combination of materials, from metal cases to plastic or rubber cases, to many kinds of materials. All you need to open such a caseback is a screwdriver of the appropriate size.

These three casebacks are the most common and the easiest to open by yourself. But there are also many other types of casebacks, only a professional watchmaker or jeweler can open them. Watches like Rolex, Baum Messier, and gold watches all require special tools and care. To open the back of the case, it is best to find a professional who does the job. Because the casebacks of these watches are easily damaged. When you come across an expensive watch, your best bet is to take it to a watchmaker or a watch maintenance person in a store. They have the necessary tools and support to ensure your watch is safe during the repair process.

Notice when opening the casebacks

Another thing to be aware of is that you may need to open the watch from the front: if you look closely at your watch and don’t see a way to open the case back, you may have to remove the crystal glass to replace the battery or complete the repair. If you’re completely unsure if you need to remove the glass, you should leave this job to the watchmaker. Professionals will provide professional services to repair and maintain your watches at the same time.

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