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9 Things to consider before you buy wholesale OEM watches

If you own a watch store or a watch reselling business, then you might know what are OEM watches. But for the people who do not know, they are watches that are made from scratch. And that is why OEM stands for original equipment manufacturing. With a watchmaker that provides this service, you will be able to create your watch however you want. Due to this fact, many wholesale watch resellers tend to buy OEM watches for their stores. Because they can make custom watches that are suitable for the local crowds that buy from their business.

Therefore if you are also planning to buy them for your stores, then you need to consider a few things before your purchase. And learning these few factors that you should consider beforehand will help you to buy some of the best OEM watches possible.

9 things you should consider before you buy OEM watches

Parts of OEM watches

There are 9 main parts for a watch that meets the eye. And if you were to make sure they are perfectly in sync before you buy, then you will be able to buy a good product for your watch. But you need to know what to look out for exactly if you are a new buyer. And that is why this article will be greatly helpful for you when it comes to buying OEM watches for your business. Therefore let us find out what these parts are in detail before your next purchase.

1. Case

The whole outer covering that contains everything that helps tell you time is called the case of the watch. And a case can come in different materials and colors as its functions as the core of a watch. So when you are buying OEM watches, you should be extra keen when selecting the case you want. Since it is the most important part that holds together the watch.

2. Dial

A dial is a must for a watch whether it’s analog or digital. Because it is the part that shows you the time for you to see. Even the display on digital watches is called a dial as it shows the time. And it can be customized to show any type of display you want. For example, if it is an analog watch, then you can customize the dial with a picture or logo you deem fit. Therefore when you are buying wholesale OEM watches, select a watch manufacturer that will provide you with a lot of customizations with the dial you select.

3. Hands

Hands are the most influential part of the watch as they are the ones who tell time. There are 3 hands that are primarily in any type of watch you see in the market. And they are the hours, minutes, and seconds hands that tell you the exact time when you want. Also, these hands can help the watch to become unique design-wise with customized hands that goes well with the overall design of the watch. But there are other hands that are available in some watches that have extra features. And these hands are called “complications” that have special functions to them rather than telling time. For example, some of the popular complications are repeaters, tourbillon, moon phase, and tachymeter.

4. Crown

The part of the watch that helps you adjust the time and other features of the watch is called the crown. And it holds the same importance as the hands of a watch operational-wise to the watch you buy. And also, it contributes to the design aspect of the watch as well. Since many watches that are in the market have unique crowns. Therefore when you buy OEM watches, you should also select a crown that goes well with the design of the watch.

5. Bezel

The bezel is the outer ring of the watch that comes in different sizes, colors, and materials according to the watch. It covers the watch and keeps the glass or the crystal in place. So it is a vital part that holds everything together in a watch. But it also helps bring out that aesthetic look in a watch as well. And that is why you carefully select a bezel that suits the OEM watches that you will buy from your watchmaker.

6. Crystal / Glass

Even though design-wise, the crystal or the glass does have much influence most of the time, it is one of the most important factors durability-wise. Because if it’s something that breaks easily, then it is not practical to have them in the OEM watches that you buy. Due to this fact, many watchmakers use strong crystal types like acrylic, mineral, and sapphire that are highly durable. Therefore you should buy watches that have crystals made with the above types as well.

7. Lugs

Lugs are the parts that help the watch connect with the strap. Thus, as same as the crystal, this part of the watch does not contribute to the design of the watch most of the time. But it does help the watch to have a strong grip on the strap and stay connected while increasing the durability of the watch. Since if it does not have strong lugs, the watch will always be loose and disconnects with the strap.

8. Strap

If you were to consider the design aspect of a watch, then a strap is one of the most influential factors you should consider before you buy OEM watches. Because every watch comes with an attractive strap that matches the overall design of the watch will be a huge hit in any market. But if it’s not, then there’s no doubt it will be on the shelf for a long time. Therefore make sure you put in the time to decide on a good strap for the watches you will design with your watchmaker.

9. Buckle

The buckle that gets attached to the strap is helpful to fit the watch perfectly with the hand of the wearer. It helps adjust the watch accordingly to the way you want easily with a few moves. And also it is also a part that should be extra durable since it holds the watch in place safely within the wearer’s reach. Therefore it is a crucial part you should carefully select when you are buying OEM watches.

Therefore if you were to consider the above parts before you buy or create OEM watches. You will be able to create some of the best in the market with your designs. But to do that, you need to find a good watchmaker that provides you with the ability to create the perfect OEM watches that you want. However, they aren’t many in the watch manufacturing industry that fits these criteria since there are a lot of mediocre manufactures in this field. And that is why the one we will recommend next will be the perfect partner for your business.

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