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Women's Watches

We are women’s watches manufacturer. We are located in Shenzhen, China, specialize in designing and manufacturing timepieces. With such rich experience in the watchmaking industry, we have many styles of women’s watches. Besides, we can customize watches as request to match our customers’ different requirements. As a leading watch manufacturer in China, we are committed to developing new watch styles for customers. We offer high- quality women’s watches with nice designs. If you would like to make your own watch brand to have more stylish watch products, we will be your FIRST selection.

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About women’s watches manufacturer in China

Are you looking for reliable women’s watches manufacturer in China? Then you got the right place. After 14 years in the watch industry, we are definitely confident that we can be your women’s watches manufacturer. And to supply you with outstanding women’s watches designs, and high-quality products. Our boss is a designer. And after designing watches for many years, he wants his artwork to be seen by more people. At the same time, our boss hopes to design for more brands and produce high-quality watches for them. We not only focus on unique designs and high-quality products. Bringing good communication and pleasant shopping experience to our customers is also what we pursue.

We always communicate with our customers to know their specific requirements. Also, we will explore what they will value most. And together we discuss more details to move on watch projects.

With rich experience among China’s watch manufacturers, we have integrated many excellent resources to help customers make products well together. For women’s watches projects, we continually pay attention to the trends in the fashion circle and the watch industry. Find out what the most popular colors, elements and materials are for the women’s watches of each season. Then integrate these fashion-related elements into the design concept of the watch. So that to design a women’s timepieces that leads the fashion trend, and never out of style.

Each watch style are designed by German brand designers team. And the materials are strictly selected before production. Like the straps, there are leather straps, 316L stainless steel mesh bands, bracelet straps, etc. All the premium materials are supplied by our suppliers. We have established long-term and good cooperative relations with these suppliers. We support each other and the cooperation is stable and enjoyable. 

Our nice women’s watches are very popular with customers. Because their consumers are fascinated by these designs. This is very important and helpful for growing customers’ sales. There are many different watch styles of our women’s watches category. Such as women’s classic watches, fashion timepieces, casual watches, bracelet watches, and so on. So consumers can select different watches to fit different occasions.

Different watch styles have different case sizes. In addition, the width and material of the strap are also different. The design of the dial and the craftsmanship used are not the same.

The case of women’s watches

Material: There are several materials for watch cases. Such as alloy, stainless steel, plastic, titanium, etc. Each material can show a different beauty, even in the same style.
Shape: There are round, square, oval, octagon and other shapes of cases for your selection.

The straps of women’s watches

Material: For watch straps, there are several selections here. They are metal, leather, silicone, etc. And there are alloy, 316L stainless steel of metal straps. And for leather bands, we offer different kinds of leather in lots of colors.
If requested, we will put your own logo on the leather straps.

The dials of women’s watches

Color: Women’s watches are with many different styles. So do the colors. Usually, we will use more bright colors to design watches for ladies. To be more fashion and elegant.
But even with these differences, our women’s watches are designed and manufactured to industry standards, and to meet your needs.

How do manufacturers produce women’s watches?

When you see the watch products, or wear them on your wrists, do you also think about how they are produced? And when you look at the price of watches, do you wonder why they are priced at this? And are you wondering how many processes to produce a watch? And why watch manufacturer can make them perfectly? As a top women’s watches manufacturer, we will let you know information about them.
But even with these differences, our women’s watches are designed and manufactured to industry standards, and to meet your needs.


Our women’s watches are designed by a team of German brand designers. They are professional and efficient. So when micro brands have requirements, we can finish all artwork soon. In order to help our customers, we will provide more women’s watches designs for selection. At the same time, we update 200-300 new watch styles every month. These women’s watches are all original designs of our designers.
But even with these differences, our women’s watches are designed and manufactured to industry standards, and to meet your needs.

So, the important step here is the designs for women’s watches. Before we can start manufacturing watches, we need to have some related ideas and concepts. And they can be changed to some actual things- artworks. Nowadays, many watch manufacturers will use excellent CAD to draw and design timepieces. Then to send them to customers.

Also, if customers would like to see real watch samples, but the time is not enough, 3D printing technology will be helpful. With this technology, watch designs can be presented to customers perfectly.
And it takes a shorter time. These two technologies help us a lot.

At the same time, our production department will also cooperate with the designer’s work. The purpose is to ensure that the designer’s ideas can be turned into real watches

Dials of women’s watches

Women’s watches’ dials play important roles in the whole watch. When people buy a watch, they will take dials as the consideration. Because people will look at them so many times everyday. So watch dials need to be designed eye-catching, and the use of technology requires a lot. Dials are the soul of women’s watches. There are hands on them. And sometimes some sub dials will be there to decorate it. What’s more, we will put your logo on the watch dials. Usually under the 12 o’clock, above 6 o’clock or on the position of 3 o’clock. If you would like to make your women’s watches more unique, we will do. The logo will be printed, as UP, laser, engraved, or etched on the watch dial.

The watch dials can be designed as matte, sunray, mother-of-pearl or other effects. Usually, we buy watch dials from our dials suppliers. But we produce watch cases by ourselves.

The women’s watches cases

Generally speaking, we use alloy and stainless steel more to produce women’s watches cases. We also use titanium and plastic for watches cases. We will take stainless steel cases as example.

The stainless steel case is formed by hot extrusion, and then processed by turning, sanding and polishing.

1.In the stamping process, first roll the dropped material block in the rolling machine to remove the flanging burr, and put it in the furnace to burn red. The furnace temperature is generally controlled at about 900 to 1000 degrees.

2.Then the red-hot steel blocks are quickly sent to a 1-200-ton press for punching pits, and are formed, trimmed, perforated, and flattened on other punching machines.

3.The last few processes can be processed only on a punching machine of about 30 tons except for pressing, and the shape and size are guaranteed by molds.

4.After the shape blanking and trimming are initially formed, the inner diameter, plane and rear plane are turned on the special pneumatic car for the case. These processes are divided into rough turning and fine turning, and their dimensions include the bushing, front cover, rear cover, etc. of the fixed movement, and these dimensions require concentricity.

5.For the processing of the tang hole, after drilling and flattening, the fortress is placed with a copper rod. In order to avoid problems such as aperture deformation and burrs in the next processing process.

6.Then continue to turn the straight leg, anti-leg, anti-circle, and drill ring holes.

7.The processing of the positive foot and the reverse foot is to locate and clamp the inner hole, and then grind the edge, the foot head and the gear opening on the cylindrical grinder and the grinding wheel car.

8.Use the stone cutter head to light a knife on the foot and the foot, and sand the arc edge on the sander.

9.After these processes are completed, the waterproof groove, the stop and the positive ring are refined.

10.The turning of the thread is processed on the thread turning machine, and the upper frame thread is an internal thread. While processing the thread, the waterproof groove and the plane are also processed to maintain the parallelism of the thread and the back cover surface.

11.Just one case requires so many processes. In order to provide our guests with high-quality watches, we are always on the way. Other components of women’s watches are more easier to manufacture.

Straps of women’s watches

Women’s watches straps can be in many different materials. Here are some information for metal watch straps.
Metal link bands are often preferred by consumers for their sturdy texture, wearing comfort, unique design, and well-crafted finishes. In order for the chain to withstand the daily friction and twisting forces (such as stretching and twisting when wearing it), we also need to develop highly sophisticated professional production methods and technologies.

Chain belts are made by first using a computerized digital machine to cut, drill or turn several meters of raw metal bars to make different types of chain links. It is then hand-polished patiently by artisans – a process that ensures the highest quality requirements. This is followed by manual assembly and re-grinding. The links and pins need to be welded at temperatures of over 3000°C (no material added) to ensure the longevity of the chain.

Besides metal straps, leather straps are also common. There are different sizes of the width to match wrists.

Movements for women’s watches

The movements we use for women’s watches are usually imported from Japan and Switzerland and are of high quality. Which movement to choose depends on many factors. The most important factor is customers’ budget range and the design of the dial. There are two types of watch movements, automatic and quartz. Quartz watches need to pair with batteries, while mechanical watches don’t.

Assembly of women’s watches

Before casing the movement and adding dials and hands, we do a lot of visual inspection. Action is taken when the quality control staff notices minor scratches or tolerances. Sometimes some components need to be returned to production to be repaired.
Sometimes, hands are automatically applied to the watches dials. But in many cases, it will be done manually. After that, more visual checks are performed to see if the hands are fully aligned. Of course, the crown is also added and tested to see if all the hands work correctly and if the uplink system is working properly. Once the movement is in the case and the dial is in place, the watch often goes through a more rigorous set of tests, like waterproof. In some cases, the watch’s accuracy will be tested again to ensure the watch can work.

Packaging of the women’s watches

After assembly and various tests, the watch is ready to be packaged. The way of packaging will be done according to the specific requirements of customers. Usually, our women’s watches will be put into the watch gift boxes first, and then the outer boxes are packaged. Then to shipped out.
In the manufacturer, every process has the person in charge to strictly control the quality. To ensure that the perfect women’s watches products are presented to the customers.